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Hao Scenic Area is located, the park covers an area of 9.4 ha, built in 1898, formerly known as Changchun Park. Surrounded by water, north Wenfeng Tower, East Textile Museum adjacent to the main shade, landscaping and combination by King, is a pastoral charm to win the park. And the Weihe River to form the "water bag garden, garden-water" pattern. Park in the Lake, Lake of "Changchun House," tea for visitors to rest. Tour Guide: Wenfeng Park, ...[Detail]

Hao, originally Nantong moat, contains the history, "the city into a river that is" more than a thousand years of history. Thousands of years, she bears a defensive, drainage, transport and heavy drinking, known as the "personal context." 70 million square meters of its surface, clear water, winding waves, landscape rich, verdant forests, the natural beauty of gulls flying fish Cheung, also known as the City';s "emerald necklace." Guide to ...[Detail]

According to legend, there was White Wolf Wolf Mountain Home on it, and passed by the shape of a wolf named after the mountain. Chunhua Song period (990-994 years) Reign in the name of Yang Jun indecent think Wolf will change as the enamel Wolf Mountain, and then mostly because of the purple mountains of rock, it is also known as purple enamel Hill descendants , Nantong City, which also got the "Purple Lang," another name for the elegant. Wolf ...[Detail]