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Nantong Jinshi International Hotel, it (Nantong New Area Conference Center) is located in the core area of Nantong new urban area, at the intersection of Chongchuan road and Yuanyuan road.
This is a large luxury hotel with a total area of 140000 square meters, which integrates catering, guest rooms, recreation, entertainment, high-class clubs, hotel style apartments and other functions. The Shanghai Design and Research Institute is responsible for the design of the building, and the United States hbahotel Design Co., Ltd. is responsible for the interior decoration. The style is handsome, tall and straight, showing the supremacy of the king. The hotel specially invites a professional management company to carry out management, create a service brand of 'family', create three levels of service brand to satisfy, surprise and move guests, and make customers feel like family members.
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FAQs when booking at Nantong Jinshi International Hotel
  • How far is the hotel from Nantong Airport?

    Nantong Jinshi International Hotel is 12.4km from the airport.

  • Does Nantong Jinshi International Hotel offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Nantong Jinshi International Hotel?

    Check-in time is from 13:00, and check-out time is 6:00-14:00 at Nantong Jinshi International Hotel.

  • Does Nantong Jinshi International Hotel have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Nantong Jinshi International Hotel have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Nantong Jinshi International Hotel offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Nantong Jinshi International Hotel accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Nantong Jinshi International Hotel accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Nantong Jinshi International Hotel?

    Each costs cny86 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Nantong Jinshi International Hotel?

    The room prices is from cny686, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

  • What is the difference between a Deluxe Queen Room and an Executive Queen Room?

    The Deluxe Queen Room are on the 46-49th floor and the Executive Queen Room rooms are on the 52-53th floor. The Executive Queen Room has a larger space, and the viewing effect and view will be relatively better.

Reviews more
  • myreina
    Very satisfied
  • dangdang2003
    The service attitude was really good. The location was also good.
  • netlgy
    Very good. Convenient transportation
  • delia1987
    The service attitude of the hotel is very good. When you go through the formalities, there will be a waiter to deliver tea, take the initiative to help you carry your luggage, and there will be free fruit in the room. I took my baby to live with me, gave my baby a toothbrush and toothpaste, and gave my baby a paintbrush
  • Serene88
    As always, good service is a little unbearable, but my heart is still very happy.
  • davipan
    Very good service, very good service, very good service, very good service
  • Gordonxms
    Good location, good hardware and software, considerate service, warm and considerate gifts!
  • leungbb
    The environment was pretty good, the service was very considerate, drove over and helped me clean the car for free, changed some socks and washed them for me. The gifts and fruit were very good, and they could afford the price
  • BOLO pineapple rice
    The service was very good and the breakfast was rich
  • e00130636
    Nice hotel
  • Eric104
    The service environment was pretty good
  • GTT3233122
    Very good hotel ~ ~ super good service ~ ~ a bit like a housekeeper in the whole process ~ ~ that is, if two people check in, only one person can swim for free ~ ~ but later I experienced the service ~ ~ I felt it was really worth the price ~ ~ personal care of the service ~ ~ and the children's intimate gifts ~ ~ I'll stay here next time ~ ~ super good~~
  • essen
    It's new and beautiful. It's the best hotel in Nantong. I have lived four or five times, and the training of service personnel is OK. But the reaction speed was too slow. Once the air conditioner in the room broke down and couldn't be turned on. Once the sewer was blocked, resulting in the room smelling. The first sentence of these international hotels was sorry to change rooms. Nantong always made me wait a long time to change rooms.
  • c.wan
    The store has superior geographical location, convenient travel, spacious and tidy rooms, quiet in the middle of trouble, and small welcoming fruits are very considerate. Convenient parking and self driving. The service was very good. The hotel cleaned my car when I left the next day. Thank you very much!
  • daisyd
    The environment was very good and the service was better
  • annandann
    Not bad
  • LRY later
    Very good
  • fairybb
    The environment, service quality and breakfast are all good. I'll check in next time!
  • e03011881
    The hotel is very good ~ the service is very considerate.
  • alicetoo
    When we stayed in the hotel for the second time, the front desk reception and room service were warm and considerate. The hotel also upgraded our deluxe room for free. We were very satisfied. I will continue to stay in the future
  • Delete!
    The service is super good. I choose this one every time I come to Nantong.
  • liuyang0730
    The hotel has superior geographical location and convenient travel. The surrounding environment is very lively. The room is spacious and tidy, quiet in the noise. Welcome fruit is considerate. Breakfast is rich. Convenient parking and self driving. Hope to provide surrounding travel maps and introduction.
  • e02578158
    The hotel is new, the lobby looks luxurious, and there is a glass walkway on the 4th floor. It is surrounded by the Central South century city. It is convenient to eat. It is recommended that the shuimai hall opposite the hotel. The porridge is well prepared and the side dishes taste good. The room area is still slightly small, and the bathroom is quite spacious. There are leading waiters during check-in to solve some problems encountered during check-in. There are carefully prepared fruit plates and biscuits every day. Will pay attention to some small details of guests and prepare corresponding supplies. The overall evaluation was good, except that the parking space was a little tight.
  • WUMX2008
    Has stayed in Jinshi hotel for many times. The room service staff are careful and considerate, and the front desk staff are very efficient. I am very satisfied with the hotel overall. I will choose Jinshi hotel next time and recommend it to my friends.
  • Angela_W
  • e00225069
    Next time I go to live here, the management here is super star, I admire the management mechanism here
  • bloodapple
    Very good. It's upgraded to an executive room for free
  • badltt
    As always, I like it very much!
  • alex_ping
    With beautiful environment, first-class facilities and considerate service, it is a very good luxury hotel.
  • linda1113
    The service is very friendly. There is a large shopping mall around. It's very convenient to eat!
  • meaga
    The room is very big and clean, but it smells like decoration. In particular, the waiters had a very good attitude and gave a lot of small gifts. The most surprising thing was that the hotel cleaned our car. I had dinner in the hotel. It tastes very good. I'll come again in the future.
  • dexian
    The service is first-class and considerate, especially suitable for living with children
    The service attitude was very good, the environment was warm and the food was delicious
  • Anblue
    Friends recommend, and refer to the online comments, this trip chose this hotel, the fact has proved that there is no wrong choice. The service provided by the hotel service staff was very attentive and attentive. After going out at noon, I went back to the hotel and found that the hotel had sent two dolls according to my wife's Chinese zodiac, and bottled water and fruit for tomorrow's trip. Although the value was not high, it was enough to show the hotel's care. The room is clean and comfortable. I have to praise that the buffet breakfast is very rich and delicious, which is better than some domestic so-called international 5-star hotels. The spa experience and afternoon tea were not used because of the lack of personal time. By the way, I'd like to give some advice to the hotel. The shutter beside the bathtub is quite transparent. It's no big problem for my husband and wife to travel, but it may be a little inconvenient for other passengers; For example, double bed room, two male colleagues on a business trip, may be a bit embarrassed, ha ha! I don't know if double beds are like this. Please forgive me if I'm wrong. Thanks to the room attendant 'Cui Aju' for his considerate arrangement and prepared water and fruit for our trip; I hope I read the name right. I will stay in this hotel when I go to Nantong in the future.
  • Clemént
    The service is really very good. The price of buffet lunch is low. The breakfast is more western style. It's better to have more Chinese breakfast
  • pingu
    I made a reservation for my colleagues. Before I arrived at the hotel, the hotel took the initiative to call to confirm. After I left the hotel, I also took the initiative to call to say hello. The service was really good, but there were few TV programs and few foreign ones
  • dlscb6666
    The service of this hotel is not good. I'd better stay here next time. Everything is very good! nice!
  • situliyan
    The service was very good. Because the hotel didn't have time to clean the guest rooms and avoid waiting for a long time, it helped us upgrade from the business standard room to the luxury standard room for free. It's good!
  • DF2345
    Nantong is a big hotel with good service
  • joannaliu1979
    basic Hotel, just suitable for short trip. Facilities not really adequate
  • nio2002
    Very good, very good
  • lydiacry
    Very good attitude
  • belinda66669
    The hotel is located in the new area. It is a landmark building. It is very close to the Central South century city. It is convenient to eat, drink and have fun. The hotel has luxurious decoration and rich breakfast. The biggest selling point is service. From the room attendant to the front desk lobby manager, they are very warm and polite, which is worthy of praise! Breakfast for children under 1 meter 2 is half price. Although it is reasonable, it is more generous if it is free.
  • canglang752003
    I have stayed in many five-star hotels in the surrounding cities of Shanghai, which is the most considerate and warm one I have stayed so far. The quality of the hotel staff is super first-class. From the front desk waiter, usher, meal delivery clerk to the waiter in the administrative lounge, their serious and excellent working attitude and sincere smile make you feel warm. I was so moved by a small glass of water handed over in the lobby, small pieces of paper on the stage in the room, free millet porridge at night, welcome words and zodiac gifts on the TV screen. It's like going home. Thank you for your service.
  • e00484720
    Very good
  • allie_wang
    very nice
  • eeelva
    Very good. I will choose to live here next time. The service is particularly good.
  • carfield_fr
    very good
  • g0317
    The environment and service are very good. My friend is very satisfied. I will stay in Jinshi next time.
  • inter117
    The hotel is located in the financial and administrative new area, with a good surrounding landscape. There are two large green squares, overlooking the Yangtze River, with a very broad vision. The guest room is also very clean, and the children like it very much. The waiter's attitude was very good. During the breakfast buffet, he specially prepared a fruit platter for the child. Because the original juice was too cold, he also made fresh juice for the child to drink. I'll check in next time.
  • AmyLu1978
    The service was as good as ever. They sent toys and fruits to the children every day. Someone came immediately if necessary. The breakfast was also delicious. The children liked the hotel very much
  • e00735835
    The room is very large, the transportation is very convenient, and the front desk and room service are also very nice. Very cost-effective.
  • e03779348
    The hotel is very good. It is the first choice for local tyrants' weddings. The lobby is magnificent and the hotel facilities are complete. The location is very good. There is a large shopping mall and an amusement park for children. The room is also very good. The floor is high and the view is very good. In particular, it is worth mentioning that the service of the hotel is so good that people are moved. It is almost personal housekeeper service. Seeing children in the room, he kept giving gifts. The waiter's handwritten note was very touching, and the small details were done very well.
  • babytanglei
    The hotel service was quite good
  • ilotus
    Five stars for hardware, four stars for room toiletries, six stars for concierge reception and room service, which is much better than some so-called luxury hotels, but the executive lounge is worse than the general five stars.
  • e01837833
    It is located near the Central South Century City, surrounded by the Central Park. It is very convenient to walk in the past. There are free fruits and small gifts. The waiter is very warm, thoughtful and considerate. The room is arranged completely according to my needs. The view on the 50th floor is really great. It's a pleasant stay and will go next time.
  • pengfutj
    Very good, very considerate service, great!
    It's a very good hotel, especially the service is quite up to standard. It's worth choosing again
    very good
  • xxxxxo
    It's not bad, the service is up to standard, there are explanations and fruit snacks
  • allend1122
  • peiximamaxb
    The environment of the hotel is very good... And the service is also very good
  • benliupci
    When I came to Nantong for the first time, I was really satisfied to see the hotel of the comment group. The service was very good. I felt homesick. The waiter would leave a message and took the initiative to help dry the clothes. The service was too considerate. There were snacks, fruit, milk and porridge every night. The breakfast was also delicious. The only disadvantage was the poor sound insulation of the hotel! You can hear the normal speech in the next room clearly, and you can also hear the snoring in the next room!
  • gunfire
    The service of this hotel is really considerate and makes me feel warm. I will choose this hotel next time
  • dyxpet
    The price was moderate, the service was good, the hotel environment and facilities were very good
  • alice9001
    Every holiday is to be swiped by friends. Today I can't live in my house. I come to Nantong. Tomorrow I'm going to worship wolf mountain and pray that my son can succeed in his studies. My wife booked a good hotel. She delivered fruit twice after check-in, enjoyed free coffee in the executive bar on the 51st floor, and provided porridge and milk before going to bed.
  • arjoy
    I feel that the service of Jinshi is very good, which makes people feel very warm and special. The surrounding environment is also good. Nantong is the first choice for business trip.
  • eric325
    One word is great, two words are great, three words are great
  • MM316
    The environment is good, the service is also very good, and the cost performance is high. It is the first choice for business travel.
  • nwd2003
    On the first night of check-in, we brought snacks, which was very warm. The only bad thing is that the bed is too small. The lobby on the first floor is OK. There is a place for children to play. It's very considerate,. Overall, not bad.
  • dlovem
    The environment is OK.. The room humidity is not well controlled.. It needs to be improved
  • is millet pancake
    After arriving at the hotel, the reserved parking space, car washing service, welcome snacks and fruits, Zodiac toys for children, etc. all reflect the intention of the hotel service. After the waiter found that there were old people, he also prepared a wooden basin for soaking feet. From check-in to check-out, I received a total of 8 handwritten notes from the doorman, restaurant waiter and room attendant, especially the male waiter who played with the children in the children's paradise these two days. The smiling service is very kind. The elderly and children are very happy during this trip. The hotel service is even better than the luxury hotel where I stayed for thousands of dollars a night. I hope to continue to maintain this service level. The disadvantage is that the sound insulation is not very good. It is not the sound insulation of the wall, but the door. When the door of my room is closed, the door gap is a finger wide, and any sound in the corridor can be heard clearly.
  • e00375601
    Good choice for high-end business travel
  • e00087752
    The hotel is well located and easy to find. There are many choices of restaurants around. The service attitude of hotel attendants from garage management, doorman, front desk to room service is really good. They will check in again next time in Nantong.