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The Jinshi International Hotel (Jinshi Guoji Dajiudian) is a five-star deluxe hotel located in the central Nantong New City Zone,  about 30 km from the airport.

Those with leisure time on their hands may take advantage of on-site fitness facilities,  relax in the sauna,  or get a massage.

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住客评论 788条评论     4.8分/5分 更多
  • asd771124
    good for business trip, good quality, facility, good service. will stay at this hotel next time.
  • aevien
    Newly opened hotel, facilities very good, the only drawback is the noise is not very good, and have been very happy with the
  • guaimaopei
    Service amenities
    All right
  • eafgafg
    Service at this hotel is located in the new development environment can be personalized pattern design but the room not very good ventilation of the room is not so good is a bit specious
  • oliver75
    Hotel is indeed impressive, but the room was cramped, Board of health sounds great. national people, there is no experience to write reviews to a variety of services. welcome fruit looks good, tastes, lol. get up in the morning, saw ants on the bed, a bit too much.
  • amoms
    A very good environment!
  • Im_pIsCEs
    Very good, good service, as well as small gifts
    Which is very nice
  • eeelva
    Well, next time you will choose to stay in this, service very good.
  • mcc768
  • new007
    Very good! very clean, service is good!
  • An an an
    Temporary decided to Nantong, climbed langshan of, hotel location is find, around environment is good, service personnel quite enthusiasm, praise a! know we with children, also prepared has children of supplies, do explicit hotel of thoughtful and detailed. hotel of swimming and gym only free a bit, this let I somewhat somehow, but swimming pool in nothing people, also let I and baby together in has. we dinner back, see table Shang? message, only know Hotel deliberately also prepared has cut good of AppleFruit, health pear and orange, addition also provides has children of brush. check out of when, has staff deliberately asked whether satisfaction, I on mention has a small of views, noise of problem to be improve,, we left Shi, also chase up gift has hotel of square,, we home Hou, also call asked whether security arrived, let we feel kind, next to Nantong, also selected he home.
  • sundy0685
    That's good
  • benxiaoya
    Was reviews attract past of, heard service is core, this also hope feel about. all does as reviews Shang by said, has wash car, has fruit, has night bed, certainly best of also is handle staying Shi of feel. was help took luggage, introduced room and various facilities, didn't remember name somewhat unfortunately, attitude special good, not service of habitual of response, but is sincere of consider to customer of feel and needs, is has service consciousness. The room is not large, facility, and mayIs very old, so this part and the five-star prices not in proportion. like television, are old. Kettle isn't all that easy. Compared to these, might have saved scores of services, if the appropriate upgrade would be better, of course, an important part of this is comfortable. Saying is the lack of service, the cleaning of the Hall on the first floor, relatively speaking, have no connection with the company team uniform service concept, see guests turn a blind eye, that some minus points. Want to do better, and really do service first, after all, is not much, but in fact, this is where the essence of the service.
  • tool4
    And as you would imagine, very good choice, good
  • SAfrica
    Service very good!
  • InflowLuLiu
    Service is quite good, at the reception, will give a glass of water, very thoughtful. breakfast is rich. Unfortunately the bathroom smells of garlic, former tenant was Shandong. hotel location is also good, in front of public green space, for a walk.
  • cxrj0424
  • blueflame1108
    South-facing rooms are particularly good, seems to give me a free upgrade, room 5012, you can see the lang Shan along Changjiang River, Nantong University, very good
  • calvinCC
    Environment is also nice, clean the ashtray when used, specially prepared lungs of PEAR and mint and fruit juice, I feel very intimate.
  • it023
    Staying in has such a big surprise from the parking lot to the room with a hand following the service, too satisfied
  • llll2010
    Super attentive service, sudden warming because the day of arrival, rooms very hot, tired of the hotel we replace and upgrade the room, also has been concerned about asking whether satisfaction. sending a lot of fruits and snacks there BB toy, people very much. and will choose this hotel again.
  • CRG1155
    And we think it's great
  • fujibo
    All right
  • mustup
    Business travel service, nice and convenient
  • arnold0709
    Hotel is nice, that's easy, the staff were very polite, the room, floor, bed, bathroom clean treatment, overall feel of luxury, is near from the langshan scenic spot, recommend staying
  • swjtu
    Poor sound insulation is poor
  • gf333
    Very good!
  • calvinonon
  • e01242001
    Service is good
  • Gigliola
    Which is very nice
  • e04195431
    Luxurious, comfortable
  • linegod
    Lived in apartment-style rooms upstairs after the waiter bring you to your room, room dining waiter upon his return to go out and put some snacks and fruit, good service.
  • carfield_fr
    That's good
  • peteryung
    Thoughtful service
  • gnusmus
  • early
    On a really big, nice, very nice.
  • caijianju
    Jinshi international hotel in Nantong (Nantong area Conference Center) service is very good ... renovated facility is new, clean, and a very good environment.
  • afubing
    Early heard stone of service than international well-known brand of chain hotel also better, this looks forward to from staying of that moment up on get has full of confirmed; do good staying waiter way guidelines to room, road kind to introduced hotel within of facilities; night do night bed Shi, waiter see I with has drug, immediately put cut good of? and orange put in room, and concerns to left has statements; second days evening Shang also sent to has two a cute of rabbit. anyway, stone of all are no can picky, was moved, Nantong will also select it next time!
  • sebastian75
    What has.
  • bedbug250
    Nice! hotel facilities! we went to Nantong have lived here!
  • Baileylp
    Good location, nice and quiet is important there are a lot of delicious food around!
  • e02415292
    Which is very nice
  • dwgan
    Service is awesome! great!
  • ferryboard
    As always, good
  • cool3t
    Hotel is very luxury and service is thoughtful. reserve a parking space in advance, and detailed account of the considerations. and message in the room in advance, prepare fruit for us, refreshments. sweet. free snacks for the guests at the hotel, is the General hotel services. for attentive service praise. Nantong stay here next time.
  • ganyul
    Service hardware really generally! high price, price of eight hundred or nine hundred unrealistic
  • bianji
    Rooms at stone for the first time, on the tall, service attentive, Super five-star standards, guests attentive, absolute, and to continue staying in stone next time! praise?!
  • beenanitin
    That's good